Question: Why build new bedroom communities when credit to build roads to move new traffic is maxed out?



Question: Why build new bedroom communities when councils lack money to supply water & sewer pipes?

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 Question: Does terraced housing really make for a complete, wonderful community? Can we do better?

Terraced Housing


There is a better Development Pattern


Market Town:   Move destinations not people: home, work, school, shop, play: all within walking distance.



Clean, Safe: Car-free urban core, eliminate the need to drive, make streets safer, quieter, human-scaled.



Affordable:   Cut cost of land & consent, factory-built homes, 25% parallel market for key-worker homes.



Self-supporting: Plan for a local economy built on fibre-optic technology, attract head-of-household jobs.

Working On Line


Local Utilities: Innovative approach to public utilities and road use to eliminate the need for govt funding.

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Socially enriched:  People need more than bedroom housing development. Design for high quality of life.



Culturally enriched: People need more than social networks & passive entertainment. Invest in creativity.

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 Do it now: Enable people & communities to provide for their wellbeing. It can be ready to inhabit by 2020. 

Pedestrian Market Town


Sometimes the best ideas are not new but timeless; they come around again when technology changes.


The idea of a car-free, no-commuter town of about 10,000 people where everything is within walking distance is attractive.

Economically self-supporting, self-contained, socially & culturally enriched, a complete not elite community. Sound good?

Want more?  Everything is within. No driving to work, shops, schools. Eliminate the need to drive. Cut your cost of living.

Safe for children to play in the streets. Old folks need not move away when they stop driving. It's village life like old Europe. 

It's a 100ha Urban Core surrounded by a 100ha Greenbelt. It manages its own water, sewer, power, roads and social services.

What makes it possible? The technology revolution. Especially ultra-fast fibre-optic broadband.

Where once NZ was remote, now with ultra-fast fibre, businesses can be everywhere, simultaneously.


 Want to learn more? Read on... there are a lot of good ideas drawn from proven, timeless models from all over the world.


How to build a strong local economy

Preserve and protect your money. Establish and support an environment that fosters local wealth.


Move destinations not people. Home, work, schools, shops, play: walk to all. Cut cost of living by 15%.


Focus on attracting head-of-household jobs with 20% global income, 80% recirculating that money locally.

How to build affordable housing

Lower the cost of land per unit


Lower the cost of construction using technology


Lower the cost of permissions and consultants